1. jayhoyte:


    3D Drawings On Pavements That Come To Life And Reveal Worlds Beneath

    by British chalk artist Julian Beever 

    How cool?

  2. hottasfuck:

    combined requests of thigh highs, touching off the edge of a chair and ice

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  3. daily-distraction:


    Well here’s the bdu video I promised (;

    Fuck. I’d cum all over on her and in her.

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  4. femorgvids:

    Remy LaCroix uses a dildo and her fingers to have an orgasm with contractions at 0:42. Watch the full video here.

  5. cybercatz33:

    beautiful milking tits

    Want more?

  6. pussyselfdestruction:

    One of the most beautiful women in the world, and you can’t even see her face. Watch this for at least 5 minutes and think about how easy it slides out and how it must have been trying to fall as she walked. She’s THAT destroyed. She’s perfect!

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    Send pics to or submit so I can follow and post…Check out my archive its easy to reblog.


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